Lighted Path Uses FTH

Irving, Texas, October 12, 2004 – Lighted Path Uses FTH for High-Definition File Transfers Lighted Path Digital Arts & FX, a Dallas based post-production company, recently implemented FTH, or File Transaction Hub. FTH is a service offered by Rumble Group of Dallas, to easily and securely transact any type of file over the Internet. Lighted Path services national clients with the production of music videos, television commercials and DVD authoring.

Keith Hill, President of Lighted Path, stated, “Right now, I use FTH for file transfer between digital artists as far away as South Africa. For example, I’m working on a commercial ad in which some of the 3D animation is being done by an associate in South Africa. With FTH I can send him a Final Cut Pro HD offline version of the timeline or any updates that we both need to share as the work progresses.”

“The FTH service is great! I was intending to invest in an ftp server and was blown away by the cost differential between FTH and that product. After trying FTH, I really don’t see any need for me to invest in that infrastructure, hardware and maintenance to have a secure way of managing my client approvals, file transfers, etc. Also, Rumble’s customer service is great, training has been more than I could ask for and it’s 24/7. The fact that FTH is scalable to whatever needs I may have in the future in working with High Definition video files will make me a long-term customer. It is truly helping me to provide a quality service for my clients and a secure environment for me to share work with others while keeping my costs low.”

Lighted Path Digital Arts and FX is a division of Lighted Path Entertainment Group, a creative digital content and entertainment production company based in Dallas, Texas.