Thru Announces Release of Thru Desktop for Lotus Notes for Managing and Protecting Email Messages

Irving, Texas, August 15, 2007 – Thru is pleased to announce the release of Thru Desktop for Lotus Notes for managing and protecting email. Powered by Thru’s all-in-one technology platform for secure messaging, file transfer and information management, Thru Desktop for Lotus Notes empowers organizations to take full control of their Lotus Notes messaging environment to achieve greater value and efficiency.

“Thru is excited to bring to market the industry’s first integrated solution for encrypting email in Lotus Notes, transferring large files over the Internet, and managing attachments and audit trails end-to-end,” says Jeanine Mitchell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Thru. “Market demand and industry trends have converged, requiring a new approach to solving email compliance, information management, and file transfer challenges.”

E-mail, FTP and instant messaging have become the most common way organizations collaborate, communicate and do business. Unfortunately, when it comes to handling mission-critical and confidential business information, these messaging tools are insecure and unreliable. Using them increases IT management complexity and cost, results in lost or misplaced messages and files, creates user frustration and non-compliant behavior, and increases the risk of exposing sensitive information.

“Thru Desktop for Lotus Notes seamlessly adds expiration and password protection, enabling users to control and expire access to the messages they send as well as track who is receiving and reading them,” says Frederick Yu, Group Product Manager at Thru. “It can be downloaded to the sender’s machine and installed in minutes, instantly integrating with the Lotus Notes user interface. As a result, Thru Desktop for Lotus Notes effectively simplifies messaging with partners, customers and suppliers without additional training time or expense. No PGP, PKI, or exchanging encryption keys is required before messages are sent. Unlike e-mail and FTP, it allows users to send large files effortlessly and securely while providing a full audit trail.”

The use of email, FTP, and instant messaging to share customer data, patient health information, employee files, and financial records internally, or with suppliers and partners is common. However, when combined with a lack of access control, audit trails, and policy enforcement, these communication tools open the door to significant threats. For example, error-prone or malicious employees could distribute customer social security or credit card numbers, patient lab results, clinical trial data, employee background checks, and non-disclosed corporate information. If private information is lost, stolen, or leaked to the public, the results can be catastrophic. Companies in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, or financial services can face significant penalties for non-compliance with record-keeping regulations. Security breaches can also negatively impact company reputation, customer satisfaction, financial results, and competitive advantage.

About the Thru All-In-One Technology Platform
Thru products are built on the industry’s first all-in-one technology platform for secure messaging, file transfer and information management. Clients prefer its ease-of-use and easy-to-manage design over the complexity of maintaining disparate e-mail encryption tools, file transfer systems and content management products. Thru products secure the messaging environment, manage file transfers and provide efficient management of information. Product options range from a 100 percent hosted service to a seamlessly integrated enterprise deployment.

About Thru
Thru is a global leader in delivering critical messaging solutions. Thru technology increases the security, reliability and efficiency of electronic communication and large file transfer, enabling enterprise risk management, IT optimization and cost-effective compliance. Thru uses a best practices approach called critical message governance to increase visibility and centralize control of critical information across network boundaries. Since 2002, Thru has helped transform client messaging environments to drive significant business results.