Serino Coyne and Thru Take Broadway by Storm

Omnicom Managed Services agency signs with Thru to send and manage files for Broadway advertising

Irving, Texas, June 12, 2009 – Serino Coyne, the largest live entertainment advertising agency in the U.S., has just signed with Thru for managing and sending large files associated with broadcast and outdoor advertising on and off Broadway.

A division of Omnicom Group, Serino Coyne is the nation’s preeminent live entertainment advertising agency, and is the agency of record for theater and performance events nationwide, with a specific focus on Broadway . They specialize in: advertising and marketing for major plays and events, sponsorship development, media relations, consulting and strategic planning. If you’ve seen a 10-story billboard for a play on Times Square, you’ve seen their work. Serino uses Thru technology to securely send and share large project files internally and externally.

Serino Coyne (

Creative team members now use SendThru, our certified global file transfer solution, to send media files of unlimited size, to and from anywhere in the world quickly and securely. All accessed from the Web. Our Dropbox feature allows posting of commercials and print ads for clients to download and review, with detailed tracking information for the sender. Coupled with ShareThru, our virtual online file management system, Serino can retain, manage and distribute files in a multitude of software formats in a Web-based application that is easily accessed, but remains completely secure. These capabilities enable Serino to confidently manage and protect the distribution of time sensitive projects. Agency teams no longer rely on post-production houses to distribute media files, or sending via their own FTP servers. Clients can access material anywhere in the world.

“The advertising industry is particularly well suited for the services we provide and are increasingly being managed by our platform” according to Thru CEO Lee Harrison, “We are essentially serving a service industry – which has unique demands both in size and quantity of information being distributed – with huge Intellectual Property considerations. This is a perfect fit for them and for us.”

Thru’s platform enables teams fast and secure access to campaign related files, and easy access to their clients for accessing and reviewing material. They can view reports detailing who downloaded what when, tracking file traffic for campaign management and workflow. Teams now focus more time on getting billboards up before opening day, and less on getting material to and from clients.

About Thru

An enterprise platform for secure, online content delivery and management, Thru consists of four products: SendThru, ShareThru, SyncThru, which accelerates delivery of any file, any size, anywhere across the globe, and SellThru, a sales force performance enhancement tool, provides real-time business intelligence, monitoring and task generation for users. Thru’s platform is entirely Web-based, so same-day implementation is possible without need for hardware on site. Thru maintains a global customer base and is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices in San Jose, California and Sydney, Australia.

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