Webcor Builds on Thru Relationship for their Latest San Francisco General Hospital Project

Top US contractor increases investment in ShareThru to manage files for large NorCal hospital

Irving, Texas, September 24, 2009 – Webcor Builders, one of the largest and most respected general contractors in America., announced today that they will increase their existing contract with Thru for use of the ShareThru product to provide storage and management of all files and correspondence for their latest hospital project in San Francisco.

Consistently ranked among the nation’s top general contractors, Webcor Builders is an established leader in commercial construction. Known for its focus on high-tech projects, Webcor contracted the headquarters for Oracle and Adobe Systems as well as Industrial Light + Magic and LucasArts Entertainment. Webcor uses Thru technology to securely send and share large project files internally
and externally.

Webcor Builders (www.webcor.com)

Webcor currently uses the Thru platform as an integrated solution enabling the company to securely and efficiently manage and exchange project and bid information. SendThru, our certified global file transfer solution, provides secure delivery of their proprietary information, while controlling access. Coupled with ShareThru, our virtual online file management system, Webcor can retain, manage and distribute files in a multitude of software formats between numerous companies – in a Webbased application that is easily accessed, but remains completely secure. These capabilities enable Webcor to confidently manage and protect the distribution of highly sensitive project information.

“Large AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) projects are increasingly being managed by Thru” according to Thru VP of Customer Service, Daniel Hurtubise. “We have been a go-to for Webcor on their bigger projects for years, so this was a natural progression, and a perfect fit. We have all the floor space they will ever need.”

Thru’s platform enables Webcor Builders’ partners and employees to download files effortlessly – and project information is well-organized and easily shared. Fast, secure and reliable document exchange eliminates the need to print and send paper copies for project documentation and approvals. Webcor has realized significant savings resulting from paperless project workflow.

About Thru

An enterprise platform for secure, online content delivery and management, Thru consists of four products: SendThru, ShareThru, SyncThru, which accelerates delivery of any file, any size, anywhere across the globe, and SellThru, a sales performance enhancement tool, providing realtime business intelligence, monitoring and task generation for Salesforce.com users. Thru’s platform is entirely Web based, so same-day implementation is possible without need for hardware on site. Thru maintains a global customer base and is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices in San Jose, California and Sydney, Australia.