Mercator Takes the Risk out of Delivering and Managing Sensitive Information with Thru

National risk services insurance broker engages Thru for secure delivery and management of sensitive information between offices, clients and partners

Irving, Texas, October 15, 2009 – Mercator Risk Services contracts with Thru for use of SendThru for offices in five states, and with clients across the country.

A national wholesale insurance broker, Mercator ( brings industry experts and service professionals together to work as a virtual team to solve complex risk and insurance challenges. Capabilities are geared for complex risk management and include: general liability, political risk, umbrella / builder’s risk, natural disasters and deductible buyback coverage. Mercator will be using Thru to share sensitive information between underwriters in five offices, and retail broker partners nationwide.

Underwriting managers and wholesale brokers now use SendThru, our certified global file transfer solution, to deliver sensitive files within and outside the company, and to efficiently manage and exchange proprietary information, while controlling access. Coupled with ShareThru, our virtual online file management system, Mercator can retain, manage and distribute files, composed in a multitude of software formats between clients and partners – in a Web based application that is easily accessed, but remains completely secure. These capabilities enable Mercator to confidently manage and protect the distribution of highly sensitive information.

“Organizations needing absolute certainty where delivery of sensitive information is concerned, are increasingly looking to Thru” according to Thru VP of Customer Service, Daniel Hurtubise. “We have been the go-to for other industries, but are gaining traction in the insurance and medical fields where information security and compliance are increasingly vulnerable.” He added “We take the risk out of risk management.”

Email and FTP have typically been the firm’s standard for file distribution, but both platforms lack fundamental monitoring and security. Files can be lost, deleted or accessed improperly from servers with no means of tracking delivery. FTP is cumbersome for clients and partners outside the company to access material quickly and easily.

SendThru provides fast, secure access to messages and attachments for people both inside and outside the company, eliminating risk and hassles associated with email and FTP. Reports detail who downloaded what when, tracking file traffic for bid management. ShareThru helps manage and archive materials sent back and forth throughout the entire underwriting process. Together, these products significantly streamline Mercator’s workflow.

About Thru, Inc.
An enterprise platform for secure, online content delivery and management, Thru consists of four products: SendThru, our certified global file transfer solution, delivering files of unlimited size, anywhere in the world quickly and securely. ShareThru, a virtual online file management system, providing extremely fast downloads for large files anywhere in the world, and a repository for sharing, organizing and tightly controlling file access. SyncThru, accelerates delivery of any file, any size, anywhere across the globe. And SellThru. Thru’s platform is entirely Web-based, so same-day implementation is possible without need for hardware installed on site. Thru maintains a global customer base and is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices in San Jose, California and Sydney, Australia.