Thru Announces Message Governance Readiness Assessment for Managing and Protecting Mission-Critical Business Information Based on its Value

Irving, Texas, September 12, 2007 – Thru is pleased to announce its Messaging Security and Information Management Service, the Thru Message Governance Readiness Assessment. The objective of the Assessment is to evaluate a company’s people, process and technology related to electronic content and communication. The Assessment identifies gaps and recommends improvements to increase efficiencies, prevent information loss and mitigate risks.

“Thru’s Message Governance Readiness Assessment is a direct response to the market demand for a consultative approach to solving email compliance, information leak prevention and file storage and retrieval challenges,” says Jeanine Mitchell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Thru. “This Assessment service is based on Thru’s best practices approach, Critical Message Governance (CMG), to show firms how they can manage and protect information based on its value. Using this Assessment helps determine an organization’s level of preparedness to apply the CMG framework of over 70 specific checkpoints to develop an enterprise-wide messaging approach as part of a governance, risk and compliance program.”

Email, FTP and other increasingly common communication tools were never designed to handle mission-critical business communication. With them, integration between messaging tools and business applications is lacking. Also, distinguishing high-value and confidential information from non-critical messages is cumbersome, if not impossible. In addition, monitoring, controlling and auditing sensitive traffic is time-consuming, while sending and receiving large files is limited and drives exponential growth in storage.

Organizations spend millions trying to address these problems. Typically, among other tools, outbound email encryption, content filtering gateways and content management systems are often deployed. The result is a complex and costly IT environment, increased email and FTP server downtime, user frustration and, ultimately, non-compliance. CMG is the first approach that enables business and IT processionals to align electronic communication to the demands of their business.

About Thru
Thru is a global leader in delivering critical messaging solutions. Thru technology increases the security, reliability and efficiency of electronic communication and large file transfer, enabling enterprise risk management, IT optimization and cost-effective compliance. Thru uses a best practices approach called Critical Message Governance (CMG) to increase visibility and centralize control of critical information across network boundaries. Since 2002, Thru has helped transform client messaging environments to drive significant business results.

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