Rumble Group Announces Name Change to Thru

Irving, Texas, February 1, 2006 – Rumble Group of Dallas, Texas, is pleased to announce it has changed its name to Thru in conjunction with the launch of its newest delivery product, Thru Outlook Edition. The goal of the name change is to leverage the strength of the Thru. product line and to align its corporate and product brand identities.

Thru will continue to offer its market-leading FTP replacement product, formerly FTH, now branded Thru Web Edition. In addition, FTH Enterprise Server is now branded Thru Enterprise Server. Thru on-demand products offer a complete suite of online file management tools assisting public and private companies in varying vertical markets to cope with privacy and security issues. These issues surround the ad hoc sending and receiving of digital files over the open internet via the email stack.

“We are leveraging the remarkable success of the Thru Web Edition product line” said Margery Tippen, Vice President of Marketing for Thru, “With over 100 corporate customers and millions of transactions processed by our servers, we felt it was a good time to capitalize on the momentum of our existing product family and announce Thru Outlook Edition and the name change at the same time.”

The new logo will build strong brand equity as the company expands into new markets. The updated look suggests the trend toward all things digital. The Green Dot signals go or Go Thru Period. The identity was created by Joe Goodwin, Image Consulting Inc., a Dallas based identity concept creator with extensive experience in marketing fortune 500 companies.

“I’m confident we can build momentum even faster now that we have a brand that more fully communicates who we are and what we do,” said Lee Harrison, Thru CEO. “And while our brand has changed our commitment to excellence remains stronger than ever. We believe the future of email as a file share platform will be changed forever by our technology.”

About Thru
Thru, founded in 2002, has since established itself as a leader in “Certified Delivery” and the “Online-Management” of digital documents and files. Whether sending secure email attachments or complete online file management, Thru products address the challenge of securely moving information and helping corporations become compliant with privacy and security regulations. Thru is proudly headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with engineering offices in San Jose, California, and Sydney, Australia.