Optical Research Associates Securely Delivers its Software Globally with SyncThru

The leading supplier of imaging and illumination design/analysis software upgrades to Thru’s SyncThru Network to transfer large files to customers worldwide

Irving, Texas, August 19, 2010 – Optical Research Associates (ORA®), the leading supplier of imaging and illumination design/analysis software, recently signed a contract for upgraded service with Thru for access to SyncThru, a certified global managed file transfer solution, for delivering very large software builds to partners and customers worldwide.

ORA has successfully used ShareThru for delivering software releases to customers, and was eager to test drive SyncThru to further accelerate the company’s release deliveries. As ORA has grown, the quantity and size of files and updates to be delivered around the world has also grown. SyncThru leverages Thru’s global network and 100% uptime guarantee to transfer files and allow them to be pulled at local connection speeds. Designed to work in the background and replace clumsy and unsafe FTP, SyncThru is seamlessly integrated with all Thru managed file transfer products. This seamless integration enabled ORA to be up and running with SyncThru in no time.

Thru’s patent-pending Mirroring Technology (MT) securely finds the right path and data size to be transmitted and automatically duplicates data to Thru’s edged servers located around the world. Since best practices are the key to security and compliance, every transaction is logged and perpetually stored for access by administrators using the Audit tool in Thru. Software delivery must be absolutely error free. SyncThru completely eliminates timeouts and data corruption issues using the tried-and-true combination of IP base protocols and MT.

“Thru provides great bi-directional communication with our customers,” said Sam Kurutz, Systems Information Technology Engineer at ORA. “We use it to seamlessly deliver our products and projects to our customers, as well as to receive critical collaborative files.”

SyncThru provides fast, easy, and secure global access to files via ShareThru, Thru’s virtual online file management system, and allows straightforward, safe, and traceable access for external clients/partner/customers. Reports detail who downloaded what, when and where, track file traffic, and enhance project management and detailed data workflow. Therefore, more time can be focused on the core business, and less on the mechanics of getting data delivered to customers.

About ORA
Optical Research Associates (ORA) is the optics industry’s leading supplier of imaging and illumination design/analysis software: CODE V® and LightTools®. ORA’s Engineering Services group provides imaginative, cost-effective solutions across the entire spectrum of optical design, with more than 4,800 completed projects since the company was founded in 1963. Working with their software distribution partners, ORA now has customers in more than 25 countries. For more information, visit www.opticalres.com.

About Thru
Thru has processed tens of millions of enterprise business file transfers from all corners of the globe for thousands of companies; offering Global MFTaaS (Managed File Transfer as a Service) solutions on the world’s largest 100% uptime guaranteed network at unrivaled speeds. An enterprise platform for secure, online file / message delivery and management. Thru products consist of: SendThru for MS Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes, ShareThru, a virtual file system, SyncThru, reliable accelerated delivery of any size file anywhere across the globe, SellThru a CRM embedded sales effectiveness tool, ConnectThru, Manage File Transfer as a Service automation. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Irving, Texas, Thru maintains a global footprint and customer base. For more information, go to www.thruinc.com or email info@thruinc.com.