Thru Introduces Outlook Plug-In for Popular Certified Delivery Service

Irving, Texas, September 5, 2006 – Thru, a leader in Certified Delivery, which makes sending and receiving files easy, secure, cost effective, and compliant with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, is pleased to announce the addition of a Microsoft Outlook plug-in to its popular software products. Thru Outlook Edition is the first ever complete “Certified Delivery” system fully integrated within existing workflows of millions of enterprises that use Outlook. Thru now more easily provides a safe and secure method of distributing, collecting, accessing, and tracking files without changing users’ email workflows. Like overnight package delivery services, all movement is tracked and recorded by Thru. as a certifying third party – all safely over 128 bit SSL encryption.

Getting Close to the Customer
Thru understands the importance of listening to customers and responding to their needs. The decision to develop an Outlook plug-in was the direct result of extensive customer input, particularly those in the healthcare industry. “There are significant challenges in the healthcare industry protecting patient privacy,” Lee Harrison, CEO of Thru, explained. “Doctors and healthcare facilities are sending more patient information over the open internet using traditional email than ever before. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) specifically requires these industries protect patient information via encryption technologies. Because healthcare providers have come to rely on email as the data transport and file system, our customers felt integration with this mission critical tool was a must in order to be compliant with HIPAA. The big complaint about existing secure and compliant file transport technologies is that they are too hard to use, particularly for busy physicians. Our Outlook integration requires no change in workflow. Thru’s commitment to ease of use drives the company to introduce new products that significantly enhance the user experience.”

“Our customers have been thrilled with the new Thru Outlook Edition,” said Margery Tippen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “By including our key customers in the design and leveraging their feedback, we were able to roll out a product that is even more intuitive than before. We are truly grateful for their loyalty and assistance. They told us what they wanted and we trust that it is all they hoped for.”

Arutiunov added “The Thru development path is focused on the enterprise user. In the coming months we will release a Thru Federated Identity solution that implements SSO (Single Sign-On) and synchronization with enterprise Active Directory identity store.”

“The next two quarters will bring much in the way of striking new technologies from Thru,” said CEO Harrison. “We have increased our research and engineering budgets considerably, thus enabling us to make some very interesting strategic and vertical announcements this calendar year.”

An engineering breakthrough
“Thru Outlook Edition is a breakthrough,” Sergey Arutiunov CTO remarked. “Today’s software marketing model is SaaS or Software as a Service. Thru engineering was challenged to create a hybrid client that integrate hosted services within Outlook on the desktop. The final outcome uses the latest MS .NET technology. Combined with an ingenious implementation, our Outlook Edition pulls together seamlessly inside MS Outlook. Users are presented with file system views that appear to be local but are really securely stored in the Thru SAS 70 data center waiting to be delivered.

“Our customers asked us to design Thru Outlook Edition to be easy to use, and we designed it to not only work within existing workflows, but also to enable HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Users send files in the same manner as sending file attachments in Outlook,” stated Lee Harrison. “In this highly regulated business environment, companies are required to certify that information files arrive securely and are tracked very much like with overnight paper delivery services.”

About Thru
Thru is an established leader in “Certified Delivery” and the “Online-Management” of digital documents and files. Whether sending secure email attachments or complete online file management, Thru’s products address the challenge many companies have today securely moving information and being compliant with privacy and security regulations. Thru is headquartered in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas, with offices around the world.