Process Fusion’s CapturePoint App Provides Easy Document and File Upload from Xerox to Thru Cloud

Document capture from paper to editable formats

Irving, TX, October 13, 2017 – Thru announces that their partner Process Fusion’s CapturePoint App (a Thru Add-In) has integrated Xerox’s MFP to the Thru cloud file storage. This application allows Thru users to easily capture paper-based document from a Xerox MFP and convert the document into editable format such as Word, Excel or searchable PDF format then directly upload to the destination folder on the Thru cloud. The latest release fully integrates with Thru, an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) platform.

This Thru Add-in for Xerox, helps businesses capture and transform non-digital, unstructured content into digital content and connect them to industry-specific workflow solutions and document repositories and EFSS platforms including Thru.

Now a Thru user can easily scan a paper based document using the app on the Xerox MFP and send directly to the Thru repository and then take full advantage of the Thru capabilities such as document collaboration, retention and secure file transfer.

“Simple yet powerful. Xerox and Thru customers worldwide can now easily transform their paper document into digital content with the CapturePoint App.” said Daniel Cheng, President of Process Fusion Inc.

“This integration with Xerox demonstrates Thru’s breadth of API capabilities to integrate with a large variety of business applications and workflows. CapturePoint from Process Fusion takes the integration to the next level of integration with printers and devices and we are excited to launch this unique add-in to the market” said Subhashini Simha, VP Product Management & Marketing at Thru Inc.

About Process Fusion
Process Fusion Inc. (PFI) is a managed service and cloud application provider of Secure Information Exchange (SIX) and Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions. These solutions facilitate efficient, secure and compliant delivery of information inside and outside of the enterprise. Enriched with 3 decades of experience of having served numerous North American clients, PFI’s goal is to help organizations automate critical business processes, exchange information securely while reducing the errors associated with manual and labor intensive processes.

About Thru, Inc.
Thru, Inc.’s mission is to empower enterprises around the world to do business securely and effectively. Trusted in over 170 countries, Thru supports leading organizations with file sharing & collaboration solutions built exclusively for the enterprise. Thru offers products like Thru Dropbox™, OptiBAND™, Thru Sync, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and SharePoint. Thru is trusted by some of the biggest enterprises in the world including Visa Europe, Dell EMC, rs/vocera/”>Vocera, Manhattan Associates, Costa Cruise Line, CBS Outfront Media and XTO Energy (ExxonMobil).

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