GCCSA is Better Equipped to Serve the Gulf Coast Community with Service from Thru

Community service / early childhood development organization contracts with Thru to securely deliver sensitive information between headquarters, employees and volunteers

Irving, Texas, February 16, 2009 – Gulf Coast Community Services Organization signs contract with Thru for use of SendThru to securely deliver sensitive documents throughout the Gulf Coast region.

During its 40-year history, the Gulf Coast Community Services Association (GCCSA) has administered hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding and has served over half a million low-income families, to strengthen the educational, social, and economic well-being of children, individuals and families as they move toward independence and self-sufficiency. Gulf Coast has established itself as one of the most experienced community service providers in the gulf coast region and the largest Community Action Agency in the state of Texas. Gulf Coast uses Thru to share sensitive information between offices across North America, and with customers, advisors, and business partners worldwide.


Employees, supporters, teachers and volunteers use SendThru, our certified global file transfer solution, to deliver sensitive material within and outside the organization, and to efficiently manage and exchange proprietary information, while controlling access. As a GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solution SendThru allows Gulf Coast to retain, manage and distribute files, composed in a multitude of software formats between state and local support agencies, and support personnel – in a web-based application that is easily accessed, but remains completely secure. These capabilities enable Gulf Coast not only to meet federal and state governance regulations, but also to confidently manage and protect the distribution of sensitive information.

“Non-profit organizations have huge amounts of filings between federal, state and local support agencies, in addition to correspondence within their offices and with outside volunteers” according to Thru VP of Customer Service, Daniel Hurtubise. “We help to reduce the headaches that are associated with securely managing and delivering this document flow. It’s rewarding to see what we do for Gulf Coast positively affect the people in the communities they serve.”

SendThru provides fast, secure access to time-sensitive documents for people both inside and outside the organization. Reports detail who downloaded what when, tracking file traffic for file exchange management – a critical component for governance regulations. SendThru helps eliminate infrastructure and hassles associated with managing document and file traffic. Gulf Coast can manage and distribute files, composed in a multitude of software formats between support agencies and volunteers – in a web-based application that is easily accessed, but remains completely secure.

About Thru

An enterprise platform for secure, online content delivery and management, Thru consists of four products: SendThru, ShareThru, a virtual on-line file management system, providing extremely fast downloads for large files anywhere in the world, and a repository for sharing, organizing and tightly controlling file access, SyncThru, which accelerates delivery of any file, any size, anywhere across the globe, and SellThru, a sales performance enhancement tool, provides real-time business intelligence, monitoring and task generation for Salesforce.com users. Thru’s platform is entirely web-based, so same day implementation is possible without need for hardware on site. Thru maintains a global customer base and is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices in San Jose, California and Sydney, Australia.