Suite Release: Powerful New Service Platform from Thru – ShareThru, SendThru and SyncThru

Certified global content delivery, cloud-based file management, and unmatched worldwide delivery speed for digital media of any type, content or size – all part of Thru’s streamlined service platform

Irving, Texas, September 30, 2009 – Thru, Inc., an emerging ‘thought leader’ in Managed File Transfer (MFT) according to Gartner Research, announces three new products, as part of a simplified product offering designed to guarantee secure, fast, global delivery of electronic content, and online management, organization and archiving of that content.

The platform consists of three products: SendThru, a certified global file transfer solution, delivering files of unlimited size, anywhere in the world quickly and securely; ShareThru, a virtual online file management system, providing extremely fast downloads for large files anywhere in the world, and a repository for sharing, organizing and tightly controlling file access; and SyncThru, which accelerates delivery of any file, any size, anywhere across the globe.

“We’ve tapped into something all business users need” according to Thru CEO, Lee Harrison. “Certified, reliable file transfer and cloud-based file management is clearly where the market is heading, which is why our products have been designed to seamlessly deliver that file transfer and management capability within applications people use every day – Outlook, SharePoint and Lotus Notes. We are very excited about what this means for our customers and our company.”

A recent report from Gartner, placed Thru prominently in their Magic Quadrant (MQ). According to the report, “Thru is one of a small set of vendors that actively promotes and markets file storage and management as a value-added service, which is growing in popularity among business users of MFT (Managed File Transfer).” This garnered a ‘visionary’ positioning for Thru among its competitors.

The most widely adopted of the three products, SendThru is a user friendly, certified file delivery application seamlessly integrated within Outlook and Notes, which reliably protects email contents, certifies delivery of those contents, and simplifies message management. Working inside these programs, a user may attach files or entire folders, add encryption protection to private messages, create time sensitive expiry controls, track delivered files in real-time, then store and archive those files within a searchable, database-driven repository complete with access controls, antivirus protection, information rights management, audit trails, retention rules and metadata. An auditable messaging history is created, giving the sender a complete picture of who downloaded what, when.

A virtual online file management system, ShareThru provides extremely fast downloads for large files anywhere in the world, and a repository for sharing, organizing and tightly controlling access, so files remain completely secure. ShareThru also provides straightforward file exchange between corporate offices, virtual workers, or with extended enterprise users, and eliminates the need for file servers. It streamlines file management, allowing multiple users, within and outside the company, freedom to securely share files in a web-based platform. The ShareThru transfer manager displays precise file status, and provides real-time tracking and logging inside intuitive visual dashboards.

SyncThru, when bundled with SendThru and ShareThru, significantly increases transfer speeds, and reduces delays caused by files hop-scotching routers around the world. Additionally, SyncThru can be setup to automate data file replication to remote geographical locations all while insuring data integrity on Thru’s robust Tier-1 network. SyncThru transcends standard HTTP(S) and FTP technologies to provide unprecedented file transfer speed.

SyncThru works seamlessly with SendThru, our email compliance solution – so use of SyncThru is transparent to the user of MS Outlook, SharePoint and IBM Notes – further protecting contents and simplifying message management. Large files and entire folders can be easily encrypted, sent, delivered, managed and archived. SyncThru is accessed within the familiar workflow of industry standard desktop applications or, with its open API, can be integrated with most enterprise applications.

“Our attrition rate is almost nil, which means the thinking (and work) we’ve put into the products is in sync with what our customers need” according to Thru CTO Sergey Arutiunov. “There is no interruption of the business user’s everyday workflow – the learning curve is very short, so the benefits are apparent from day one.” He added, “We keep in close contact with all our users, so the product continuously evolves to meet their specific needs, making the applications that much better for everyone.”

Gartner agrees. “Our criteria is weighted to reflect the importance of file transfer in its many forms, including integration into business workflow and the collaboration between people.” In response, Customer Service Vice President Daniel Hurtubise added: “Thru is recognized by analysts and our customers for delivering both.”

About Thru

An enterprise platform for secure, on-line content delivery and management, Thru consists of four products: SendThru, ShareThru, SyncThru, and SellThru, a sales force performance enhancement tool, provides real-time business intelligence, monitoring and task generation for users of Thru’s platform is entirely Web-based, so same-day implementation is possible without need for hardware installed on site. Thru maintains a global customer base and is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices in San Jose, California and Sydney, Australia.