Thru Presents: Demystify and Simplify Information Management for Greater Contracting Effectiveness

Thru CEO Introduces Strategies for Managing And Sharing Sensitive Information While Driving Significant Business Results

Irving, Texas, June 26, 2007 – Lee Harrison, Chief Financial Officer at Thru, today presented a featured presentation to Demystify and Simplify Information Management for Greater Contracting Effectiveness at the 3rd Annual Commercial Contracts and Chargeback Management for Manufacturers and Wholesalers Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Organized by the Center for Business Intelligence, the conference provides crucial strategies for chargeback or commercial contract executives and is the only one that convenes manufacturers and wholesalers to improve the chargeback and rebate process.  The seminar sponsored by Thru highlighted case studies of how manufacturers, as well as firms in other industries, have tackled their information management challenges to produce greater business results and contracting effectiveness.

“Thru is excited to have the opportunity to shed light on the challenges of information management and electronic communication that increasingly impede the productivity of managing and collaborating on contracts,” explains Jeanine L. Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Thru. “The typical steps to secure and integrate with FTP, email and instant messaging with contract management systems can introduce burdensome complexity, inefficiencies and costs. Thru is at the forefront in addressing these issues with innovative technology.”

The session included a snapshot of Thru’s Annual Information Management and Intellectual Property Benchmark Study. Launched at the PTC/USER World Event 2007 in Tampa, Florida, the study sheds light on the industry’s information management and electronic communication challenges.

The Demystify and Simplify Information Management for Greater Contracting Effectiveness session included topics such as:

  • The three best practices for electronic communication and data transfer to reduce risk and accelerate contract compliance
  • Approaches for defining the value of critical information flowing throughout contracting processes
  • The distributed approach vs. centralized control of contract information management
  • The need to increase visibility of contract information within information silos and disparate communication channels

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About Thru
Thru is a global leader in delivering critical messaging solutions. Thru technology increases the security, reliability and efficiency of electronic communication and large file transfer, enabling enterprise risk management, IT optimization and cost-effective compliance. Thru uses a best practices approach called Critical Message Governance to increase visibility and centralize control of the critical information across network boundaries. Since 2002, Thru has been helping to transform client messaging environments to drive significant business results.