Thru Adds File Management to Microsoft Outlook

Dallas, Texas, September 2, 2014 – Thru announces a major release of the Enterprise Connector for Microsoft Outlook. This release adds a new side panel with file management functionality to the existing file transfer features. The side panel lets users easily navigate a secure file system as well as gain control and visibility for all emails sent with Thru.

“We are very excited about our new Outlook Connector’s ability to increase productivity companywide. Our enterprise connector is best-of-breed for combining email, file transfer, and file management, which are all vital to business,” says Nicholas Blanton, VP of Marketing at Thru.

Traditionally, file management in Outlook is not practical for business due to issues such as file size and storage limits, and lack of tracking and auditing. These same setbacks have hindered file transfer from Outlook.

To solve these issues, Thru first introduced their Outlook Connector to remove file transfer limitations, enabling users to send files of unlimited size without burdening Exchange servers. Thru’s latest release adds a side panel with robust file management capability, providing users the following benefits:

  • Drag and drop upload of local files and folders of any size including emails and email attachments
  • Right click to send, download, or publish files and folders
  • View or edit metadata and transaction logs for any file
  • Modify emails after transfer by changing or removing attachments, expiring download links or changing expiration dates
  • Search all files or sent emails

To learn more, please visit the Outlook Connector Page or download the datasheet.

About Thru
Thru, Inc. is a global leader in cloud-based managed file transfer, trusted to distribute and manage information quickly and securely across the globe. Handling millions of transactions while serving many industries including software, financial services, architecture, and manufacturing, Thru has numerous enterprise installations in over 70 countries. Thru’s platform services such as FTP replacement, Secure Dropbox, and mobile file sharing allow businesses and enterprises to securely manage the flow of data.