Thru, Inc., to open local German datacenter

Irving, TX, May 23, 2017 – (Click here for original press release on in German) Thru Inc, a leading vendor of enterprise file sync and sharing solutions, has announced that it will open a local datacenter in Frankfurt, that will underpin Thru’s EFSS-Platform for its German and other EU customers. Thru partners with Rackspace on the datacenter infrastructure, and The Frankfurt location has been announced to open at the end of June 2017. Thru will be operational in this datacenter with 60-90 days and as a result extend Thru’s network of datacenters worldwide supporting Thru’s file-sharing platform for enterprises. gives It will provide German customers the advantage of data residing within the borders of Germany. Thru so far has used a datacenter in the United Kingdom, which will continue to service Thru customers. German customers however will have the choice of both UK and/ ornew Frankfurt-based facility, which helps them use Thru as a hybrid cloud installation and stay compliant with EU and German legislations.

Within Rackspace’s new datacenter, the Thru platform will run on dedicated infrastructure, that is not shared with any other customers. Another great advantage of opening the new local facility within Rackspace’s datacenter, which offer best-in-class services for availability, security and performance, are significantly lower latencies for German customers.

Many of Thru’s customers in Germany have so far used Thru as an on-premises solution, also due to a lack of a German datacenter. With the on-going Brexit, many customers will have issues with data residing in UK, that will no longer be part of the EU. As the market shifts to a hybrid cloud approach for many services, this will serve the German customers demanding a local datacenter, that offers a local cloud option after the Brexit.

“Thru’s partnership with Rackspace has always enabled us to geographically expand our services to best serve our customer’s needs. With the strategic opening of a datacenter, physically located in Germany, our partnered expansion stays on track with the ever changing geo political landscape, says Lee Harrison, CEO of Thru. “We look forward to offering our customers in Germany and the EU the best options for compliant enterprise class cloud solutions. This offer is a great opportunity for customers who want complete local control of their data combined with Thru’s enterprise class cloud services.”

About Thru, Inc.
Thru, Inc.’s mission is to empower enterprises around the world to do business securely and effectively. Trusted in over 170 countries, Thru supports leading organizations with file sharing & collaboration solutions built exclusively for the enterprise. Thru offers products like Thru Dropbox™, OptiBAND™, Thru Sync, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and SharePoint. Thru is trusted by some of the biggest enterprises in the world including Visa Europe, Dell EMC, ACI Worldwide, VMware, Sage, Vocera, Manhattan Associates, Costa Cruise Line, CBS Outfront Media and XTO Energy (ExxonMobil).

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