Thru Shortlisted for Best Cloud Application in Cloud & DevOps World Awards

Recognized for its exceptional ability to provide best-in-class enterprise grade file sharing and collaboration cloud solutions

Cloud & DevOps World Awards: Shortlisted
Irving, TX, June 13, 2016 — Thru, an industry-leading enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) provider, has announced it has been shortlisted in the Best Cloud Application category in the 4th annual 2016 Cloud & DevOps Awards. The awards celebrate excellence and innovation in cloud computing. “The Cloud Award judges are looking to award the provider of scalable, efficient and cost-effective applications.”

“We are honored to be shortlisted for this prestigious award,” said Ian Snead, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Thru. “Thru’s mission is to provide enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration solutions equipped with the highest level of security and compliance. We are proud to be recognized for our ability to deliver on that promise.”

The official winner of the category will be announced at the ceremony which will be held in Olympia, London on June 21, 2016. Click here to view all 8 categories and their nominees.

Mr. Snead will represent Thru at the awards ceremony. If you are interested in setting up an interview, please contact us at

About Thru, Inc.
Thru, Inc.’s mission is to empower enterprises around the world to do business securely and effectively. With installations in over 170 countries, Thru supports leading organizations with file sharing & collaboration solutions built exclusively for the enterprise. Thru offers products like Dropbox™, Thru Sync, Apps for iOS and Android, and plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and SharePoint. For more information about Thru, visit

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