Thru Updates Its Platform, Offers New Language Support in German

Irving, TX, April 28, 2016 — (Click here for original Press Release on in German) — Thru, a leading global provider of enterprise file sharing and collaboration solutions, today announced an updated version of its Thru platform that now offers local German language support and several new features including versioning, offline access and a “remember me” function.

Organizations use Thru’s trusted platform to share files and collaborate online in real time. Data can be accessed securely at any time, from any device, with full file-level antivirus scanning and encryption. Large files can be shared using standard business email applications like Outlook or Notes, eliminating file size restrictions and unburdening email servers. The platform also integrates into Salesforce or SharePoint via plugins and offers a flexible architecture with a full breadth of APIs that lets enterprises integrate it into their own applications. Thru’s SOA architecture enables organizations to meet unique business needs for integration, deployment and security. Unlike other cloud platforms Thru can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid.

The updated web portal now offers German language support as well as Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Local language support for mobile Android and iOS apps will be released soon. The new versioning feature provides users access to multiple versions of a single file so changes are easily tracked and nothing is deleted by mistake. Transactions are now recorded in the local time zone. Also included in the update are the new “remember me”, offline access and enhanced mirroring functions.

The update is automatically incorporated in the portal and is free of charge to existing users.

What’s new:

  • Use Thru in the language of your choice
  • English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)
  • Easily collaborate with your teams without having to worry about versioning
  • When you overwrite files, Thru automatically creates versions
  • All versions are accessible under Versions tab
  • Individual transaction history available on every version
  • Easily restore any prior version to the current one, by clicking “Restore”
  • Time and date stamp recorded based on location

“Germany has always been an important market for us and we strive to support the needs of our German and other European customers, including the needs of data sovereignty, which is why we have datacenters around the world,” says Subhashini Simha, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Thru. “Users can expect a much faster, smoother and productive experience with the powerful file sharing and collaboration solutions from Thru.”

About Thru, Inc.
Thru, Inc.’s mission is to empower enterprises around the world to do business securely and effectively. With installations in over 170 countries, Thru supports leading organizations with file sharing & collaboration solutions built exclusively for the enterprise. Thru offers products like Dropbox™, Thru Sync, Apps for iOS, Android and Plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and SharePoint. For more information about Thru, visit

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