Former VMware CIO Speaks Out on Cloud

Dallas, Texas, February 27, 2014- Mark Egan, partner at The StrataFusion Group Inc., delivers informative advice to IT professionals on the topics of Cloud and file transfer in his recent video interview with Thru Inc. Mark is author of Executive Guide to Information Security: Threats, Challenges, and Solutions and was a contributing author of CIO Wisdom, CIO Perspectives, and CIO’s Body of Knowledge. As a former CIO of VMware and Symantec, Egan shares practices that every IT professional should consider; in a world where security and reliability are vital when choosing an enterprise software solution.

“The evolution of cloud from a CIO perspective is just good news,” states Egan. Prior to joining StrataFusion, Mark was the CIO of VMware where he supported the company’s transformation from a server virtualization vendor with $2 billion in revenue to a $5 billion market leader of Cloud solutions. With such prevalent knowledge in enterprise Cloud solutions, Mark advises IT professionals about the benefits of an enterprise-based Cloud solution and what to look for when choosing a vendor. ”I’m very positive on Cloud and its benefits” Egan says, “it helps IT organizations focus on speed, providing solutions to our customers.” In addition to affirming the benefits of Cloud in this interview, Mark also expounds on the issue of security, sharing with IT professionals why he believes “security is not a barrier to Cloud-based solutions today.”

As lead of StrataFusion’s IT Transformation and Information Security consulting practices, Mark directs clients to enterprise class file transfer alternatives that will protect company assets as opposed to consumer-based solutions. Egan highlights this issue in the interview, discussing the outbreak of “consumer tools creeping into the enterprise” to satisfy the need for a file transfer solution. He advises about the advantages of a complete enterprise solution that includes mobile collaboration and integration across multiple applications.

Thru, a complete enterprise solution for file transfer, was the first vendor in the Cloud, providing the infinite scalability needed in business today. “Cloud is brilliant,” says Thru CTO Sergey Arutiunov. “Features and improvements are continually released without downtime and at a speed that is not possible with on-premises software.”

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