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Many companies like yours have procedures that require employees to archive email files for record-keeping. For industries such as architecture and engineering, that often exchange important designs and information with external parties via email, it is essential to keep messages archived for reference in the event of dispute or litigation.

A great solution for archiving email files is the Thru Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. In today’s weekly tip, we will show you how to drag and drop emails directly from Outlook to Thru by using the plugin’s built-in side panel feature.

Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Navigate to the folder you want to add emails to. In this case, we will create a folder within My Documents to archive Thru retention warning emails.

Drag and Drop 1

If you need to create a new folder, right-click anywhere and select create new folder.

Drag and Drop 2

Create a name and description for the folder and then click OK. The folder will immediately be created in that location in Thru.

Drag and Drop 3

Drag and Drop 4

Step 2: Once your folder is ready, you can select any Outlook email and drag and drop it into the folder. Dragging and dropping content to the side panel will upload a copy of the files to Thru.

Drag and Drop 5

Once files are finished uploading, the files will auto-populate in the folder that you dropped them into.

Drag and Drop 6

Please feel free to comment below with any requests for weekly tips or additional information that would be helpful to share with Thru users!

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