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FTPS/SFTP Automation - Thru OptiFLOW

Do you need to automate FTPS/SFTP file transfers without creating and managing custom scripts? In today’s weekly tip we will explain how Thru OptiFLOW™ can be used to automate FTPS/SFTP file transfer workflows.

To automate files transfers with OptiFLOW, you set up source and target folders that pull files into Thru (cloud or on-premises) and push files to target repositories on a scheduled basis.

Below is an example of how OptiFLOW is configured to pull files from FTPS/SFTP servers:

Step 1: You first choose a source (in this case, FTPS or SFTP).

Add FTPS and SFTP Source - OptiFLOW

Step 2: Fill in the configuration fields and folder mappings.

FTPS - SFTP details

Source Folder Mappings

Step 3: Schedule when you want OptiFLOW to pull files from FTP/SFTP servers.

Schedule FTPS and SFTP Transfers - OptiFLOW

To learn more about how your company can automate file transfers with Thru, download the datasheet and visit the OptiFLOW page.

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