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Berghoff Quote

Berghof Group had been relying on their own FTP server for many years to share large files internally as well as with partners and customers. However, Steffen Bertsch, the group’s IT Manager, knew about the technology’s shortcomings.

“Using FTP to transfer large files is not the best solution,” said Bertsch. “It is not very safe to begin with as you do not have much control over who accesses the files once access is granted. It also takes a lot of time to administer for the IT staff. Our IT is generally quite advanced and an up-to-date solution to replace the FTP server had been in the cards a long time already.”

The company also had a Lotus Domino environment with IBM Notes for employees to email and share files smaller than 20MB. To send files larger than 20MB, employees had to use the FTP server that was outside of their IBM Notes workflow. Berghof looked for a modern EFSS solution and actively compared products on the market to replace their outdated FTP system.

To learn how Berghof Group uses Thru integrated with IBM Notes for secure file transfers, go to the case study by using the button, below.



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