Deploy Managed File Transfer in Microsoft® Azure Cloud

Thru is deployed in Microsoft Azure regions around the globe as managed file transfer as a service (MFTaaS). If corporate governance or security policies prohibit file transfers within our cloud, deploy Thru in an Azure private cloud managed by your own IT team. Use your current Azure instance or set up a new one.

Diagram of managed file transfer on Azure

How to Deploy Thru in Azure Cloud

  1. Set up an Azure private cloud.
    Azure has available regions in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and more.1
    Before setting up your Azure cloud, consider and decide:
    • Service model
    • Number of roles
    • Number of instances per role

    Then, package and deploy the application.

  2. Ensure high availability and disaster recovery.
    Use Availability Zones and zone-redundant storage (ZRS) in Azure to ensure high availability. Multiple Availability Zones minimize risk because the datacenters are in different physical locations. Zone-redundant storage copies data across zones to ensure zero data loss.2
  3. Install Thru.
    Install and maintain Thru in your private cloud with assistance from our Cloud Operations team.

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