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Is your company struggling to control access to data from devices owned by employees, clients, and partners? Do you need to revoke mobile access to corporate content for former employees? Thankfully with Thru device access controls, your company can control which mobile devices can be used to access your shared files.

In today’s weekly tip, we will demonstrate how to control device access with a few simple steps.

Step 1: To edit a user’s device access rights, a user must first be added to one or both of the Thru mobile groups to have access to either of the Thru mobile apps.

Groups - Mobile Users

Step 2: Go to the Users section from the Administrator dashboard.

Users Section - Thru Web

Step 3: Select the user you want to modify mobile access for and go to the Device Access tab.

From here, you can choose to let a user log in to a Thru mobile app from any device or specify which device(s) the user may log in from by the device’s MAC address. In the example below, “Engineer 1” is a Mobile Application user and only has access to one device.

User - Mobile Device Access

Step 4: To allow the user to log in from any device, simply check the box next to “Allow user login from any device.” This lets the user be able to log in to the mobile application from any device.

Device Access - Allow login

Step 5: To choose which devices you want the user to log in from, uncheck “allow user login from any device” and check only the device(s) you want the user to be able to login from. After checking the devices, select “Allow Login”.

To disable a specific device, check a device and select “Disallow Login.” This is a very powerful feature if a user’s device is ever lost or stolen.

Device Address - MAC

Step 6: If there is a device not listed for a user that you want to grant access, you can select “Add MAC” and enter the MAC address of the device.

Add User MAC address

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