Thru, Inc.
File Exchange and Collaboration Platform

Integrate seamlessly

Let Thru be the back-end file exchange solution for your company’s customer support applications and Web portals and maintain your brand consistency.

Integrate File Sharing with your Web Portal
Automatically re-route data transfers around global network congestion

Customize file exchange portals with company content and branding

Large file sharing

Large file sharing from customer-facing Web portals with advanced security and low latency connections

Multiple upload protocols: Java, Active-X and HTML5

Receive files with multiple upload protocols: Java, Active-X and HTML5

Protect customer and company information

Guarantee the safety and privacy of company and client documents by circumventing unsecure messaging services.

Secure File Sharing between Company and Customer

Block malicious uploads with built-in antivirus scanning

Guarantee data security with encryption for all transactions

Enable all uploads to be performed only with an approved username and password

Track, audit and monitor actions

Meet compliance policies and regulations. Download Thru’s Security Overview white paper to learn more about the enterprise-level security coverage by Thru.

Track, Audit, and Monitor System Transactions
Run reports of actions

Run reports of actions such as uploads, downloads and file deletions

Tracking notifications

Set notifications to track various file and folder activities


Search for any file by name, subject, tracking number, content and date of transaction

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