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Aptean uses Thru, Inc., for secure file transfers

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Customer Size
1001-5000 employees

Country or Region
United States


Customer Profile
Born from the 2012 merger of CDC software and Consona, Aptean has become a global leader in enterprise application software; empowering companies to overcome complex business challenges and grant them a competitive edge.

Business Situation
Sought a comprehensive file transfer solution to easily handle large volumes of files and provide administrative control for access to company data.

Using Thru’s File Exchange and Collaboration Platform, Aptean exchanges extremely large files around the globe securely, quickly and with multiple retention rules.


  • Increased productivity with ability to easily exchange high volumes of data
  • Minimized on-premises storage
  • Reduced the cost of long term storage retention
  • Improved security of company data

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Aptean is a leading provider of industry-focused mission critical enterprise software solutions. They build and acquire solutions to support the evolving operational needs of their customers, helping nearly 5,000 organizations stay at the forefront of their industries by satisfying their customers and continuing to operate more efficiently.

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Les Viszlai


Aptean is a global provider of CRM, ERP, and supply chain management solutions to an extensive variety of industries. After the recent formation of Aptean, they sought after a managed file transfer solution that would make transferring information easier for both the internal also giving administrators further control over the access of company data. Their search for a solution was influenced by these motives:

  • Emails are sometimes blocked during exchange due to file size limits, creating problems with communication exchange between staff and customers.
  • Need to minimize the amount of data stored on-premises.
  • Demand to validate information being exchanged between customers and internal staff.


Aptean was in need of a comprehensive file transfer solution to easily handle large volumes of files and provide a solution for administrators to control access to company data. Aptean chose the Thru File Exchange and Collaboration Platform to satisfy their file transfer needs. Using Thru, Aptean exchanges extremely large files around the globe with the following features:

  • Administration – Aptean gained an advantage with Thru’s Retention and Archiving capabilities. “That is the biggest ROI factor for us,” divulges Viszlai. Multiple retention rules can be configured to delete files from Thru storage after any amount of time.
  • Ease of Use – “We’re trying to move data from point A to point B, Thru lets us do that quickly,” explains Viszlai. Aptean’s end users have often reported how easy Thru has made it to exchange large files compared to FTP, removing the file size restrictions of traditional email attachments.
  • Security – Aptean is now comfortable with their data security because of Thru’s extensive data center, network and application security. Aptean’s files are now securely stored in the Thru Cloud, and files are downloaded from a link with a username and password requirement.

Les Viszlai


Thru’s services provided Aptean with a simplification of infrastructure, reduction in IT costs, and an increase in internal and customer satisfaction. More specifically, Thru enables:

  • Ability to set expiration dates on files has reduced the cost of long-term storage retention.
  • High volumes of data are now easily exchanged with high response and uptime, satisfying internal and customer users.
  • Company data is now conveniently stored in the Thru system, minimizing on-premises storage.
  • Files are securely downloaded from the cloud with valid login and password, helping solve security concerns.

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