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Costa Cruises improves passenger internet browsing experience with Thru, Inc.

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10,000+ employees

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Travel & Hospitality

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Costa Crociere S.p.A. is the largest Italian travel group and Europe’s number one cruise operator.

Business Situation
Experienced challenges exchanging large files to/from cruise ships due to unreliable satellite internet at sea.

Costa chose Thru OptiBAND™ to improve performance of large file transfers at sea while optimizing satellite bandwidth usage.


  • Cut costs on satellite bandwidth consumption
  • Raised internet surfing performance for passengers
  • Accelerated the speed of business critical messages
  • Improved efficiency of large file transfers without a change in employee workflow

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Costa Crociere S.p.A. is the largest Italian travel group and Europe’s number one cruise operator with over 67 years of tradition in passenger shipping. A member of Carnival Corporation, Costa Crociere S.p.A. is headquartered in Genoa, Italy, and comprises of the brands Costa Cruises, AIDA Cruises and Costa Asia.


Costa Cruises must provide the best internet experience as possible to maintain smooth internet browsing for passengers and enable large file transfers for crew members. When Costa’s ships are voyaging at sea, both passengers and crew members must share a satellite internet connection that is often slow, unreliable and expensive. The poor satellite internet connection caused many issues for Costa when crew members needed to send files to/from ship/shore locations including:

  • Interference of passenger internet browsing, slow delivery and high costs when large file transfers were sent by crew members.
  • Business interruption and delayed crew communications during poor weather conditions.


To solve these issues caused by unreliable satellite internet, Costa needed a solution that would enable crew members to quickly exchange large files without impacting the passenger browsing experience. The solution also needed to speed up file transfers to improve business operations between crew members at various ship/shore locations.


To stop the “bandwidth battle” between passengers and crew members, Costa chose Thru OptiBAND™ as its file transfer platform for crew members. With OptiBAND, Costa addresses slow connection speeds, reduces file transfer outages, and improves collaboration for crew members from any ship/shore location. In order to eliminate file transfers stepping on passenger internet surfing, OptiBAND allows Costa’s IT admins to allocate and manage available crew bandwidth based on roles and prioritize file transfers in real-time.

To address unreliable and slow connections, OptiBAND uses Thru’s accelerated content delivery network to cache data on ships for faster downloads and also checkpoint restart to pause and resume file transfers in the event of network interruptions.


By using Thru OptiBAND to manage file transfers across its cruise ships, Costa is experiencing benefits that no other solution could provide:

  • Cut costs on satellite bandwidth usage – Utilizing Thru’s data compression and dynamic bandwidth optimization.
  • Improved internet surfing performance – For Costa’s thousands of passengers.
  • Accelerated transfer speed of business critical messages – By prioritizing them over less important traffic.
  • Increased business continuity with guaranteed delivery.
  • Improved efficiency and data security for employees – With no change in workflow.

Thru OptiBAND™ is a one-of-a-kind solution that no other provider can match. Whether your company is in logistics, oil and gas, travel or government, OptiBAND improves the delivery of files irrespective of long-distance networks, reduces costs on expensive satellite connections, and streamlines the sharing of mission critical data.

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