Customer Success Story:
Inkjet International streamlines printing production with Thru Dropbox™

Customer Size
11-50 employees

Country or Region
United States


Customer Profile
Inkjet International is a proven manufacturer of outdoor media, digital decor, environmental branding and custom print solutions.

Business Situation
Needed a file transfer solution that would streamline the process of receiving large artwork files from its customers.

Inkjet International uses Thru Dropbox™ integrated with its website to securely receive large artwork files from customers online.


  • Faster production time due to an increase in file transfer speeds
  • Integrated Thru seamlessly into its company website with custom branding
  • Reduction in service calls due to immediate notifications for uploaded files
  • Increased security for corporate data transferred over the web

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Inkjet International is a proven manufacturer of super-wide format print solutions for outdoor media, digital décor, environmental branding and custom solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Inkjet serves the diverse needs of agencies, media companies, and corporate brands with value, quality and fast turnaround. E.H. Teasley purchased Inkjet International in 2014.

Rowdy Bush
Director of Operations
Inkjet International


Producing large-scale printing solutions is no small task for printing manufacturers, especially the process of receiving and managing multiple large image files for production. Without a reliable file exchange and management solution, valuable time can be wasted by both the company and the client by re-sending or locating lost files. Inkjet was experiencing issues receiving and managing thousands of large artwork files sent by customers.

Rowdy Bush
Director of Operations
Inkjet International

Motivated by a loss in production time and upset customers, Inkjet began to search for a file transfer solution that would provide quick and reliable file uploads from customers and streamline the production process.


Inkjet chose the Thru File Exchange and Collaboration Platform to streamline file exchange based on Thru’s reliability in handling large files and easy to use upload features for customers. Integrated seamlessly into the company’s website, Inkjet uses Thru Dropbox™ to securely receive large artwork files with the following features:

  • Files or folders of any size or type with multiple upload and download options.
  • Notifications sent to both the recipient and sender.
  • File upload directly into the file system using any device.
  • Record of time, email, IP address and full auditing of every upload.
  • Full virus scanning for every file in transit and at rest.


Since Thru is Inkjet’s primary solution for file transfer, both the company and its customers are experiencing significant time savings that weren’t possible with previous services. Thru has streamlined the way Inkjet receives large files from customers resulting in the following benefits:

  • Faster speeds and reliable transfers decrease idle time for production.
  • Secure mobile file sharing enables BYOD for easy access to files on and off-site.
  • Easy upload instructions and interface design ensure ease of use for customers.
  • Immediate notifications quicken production and reduce service calls.
  • Heightened cloud storage security guarantees safety for corporate data.

Thru’s ability to perform any file transfer scenario with flexibility and security attracts companies like Inkjet to adopt enterprise file exchange and collaboration as their primary source for exchanging large files. Thru’s platform services enable secure file transfer, FTP replacement, enterprise file sync and share, electronic software delivery and other services to be integrated across applications and workflows, making it a comprehensive approach to file transfer in the enterprise.

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