Customer Success Story:
NCC Group reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction

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Customer Size
1000-5000 employees

Country or Region
United Kingdom

Information Technology and Services

Customer Profile
NCC Group is a leading global provider of escrow, information security assurance and advisory services.

Business Situation
Was using an FTP server that had very slow transfer speeds and inability to track data movement.

NCC Group uses Thru’s File Exchange and Collaboration Platform to rapidly exchange software files with global customers.


  • Greatly improved speed of file transfers from long distances
  • Can now process escrow data the same day as requested
  • Increase in customer satisfaction due to Thru’s ease-of-use and reliability
  • Experienced savings on network, IT processes and customer support resources

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NCC Group provides escrow and information services to more than 15,000 organizations worldwide. With 12 offices throughout the UK, continental Europe, U.S. and Australia, NCC Group successfully delivers numerous varied assignments for clients in the financial, retail and public sector. They give businesses confidence that their systems, networks, websites and software are appropriate, protected, secure, compliant and effective.


Since NCC provides escrow and information services to international businesses, they have a great need to quickly and securely transfer files globally. Large files were being sent through NCC’s centrally located FTP server in its Manchester data center.

  • Extremely slow global transfers caused by the large geographical distance between sender and recipient.
  • Inability to track data movement as their FTP technology provided no audit trail.
  • Slow and problematic transfers using IP networking not designed for global transfers.
  • Protecting against a data breach is imperative as uploaded files consist of NCC’s customer’s software source code.


NCC chose Thru’s File Exchange and Collaboration Platform to transfer sensitive files around the globe. Powered by the Content Delivery Network, Thru enables secure transfers of files or folders of any size with storage of these files on strategically located servers around the globe.

Rob Quayle
Group IT Manager
NCC Group

  • Rapidly send software files of any size while removing burden from corporate email servers and storage.
  • Thru geo-steering technology automatically looks up a user’s IP address and calculates the nearest Thru data center directing uploads and downloads to the lowest RTT (round trip time).
  • Integration with enables for revenue recognition according to GAAP.
  • Strongest Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the business with a 100% uptime guarantee to enable business to be conducted without interruptions.
  • Administrators control who has access to which files by groups and access controls.


Since deploying Thru, NCC has been extremely delighted at the reduction in various costs, increase in customer satisfaction and greatly increased transfer speeds.

  • Hong Kong users now send to the UK with acceleration of up to 60 times faster than the previous FTP speeds.
  • Similar speed improvements around the globe.
  • Can now process escrow data the same day as requested.
  • NCC has seen an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty because of the ease-of-use, reliability, security and speed.
  • Direct cost savings on network, IT processes and customer support resources.

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