Customer Success Story:
Tronitech chooses Thru, Inc., to replace in-house FTP

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Customer Size
11-50 employees

Country or Region
United States

Information Technology and Services

Customer Profile
Tronitech, Inc., has become known as an industry leader in providing information management solutions.

Business Situation
Needed a secure file sharing solution to protect file transfers and reduce hardware costs in its data center.

Tronitech, Inc., uses Thru Web and Thru Dropbox™ to exchange sensitive documents with its customers and replace in-house FTP.


  • Met the security requirements of HIPAA and FDIC
  • Increased security with tracking and auditing capabilities
  • Reduced annual hardware costs in its data center
  • Improved productivity in sending and receiving files around the globe

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Tronitech, Inc. was founded in 1974 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has become known as an industry leader in providing information management solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Tronitech has rapidly grown to include a national customer base and is focused on keeping up with the evolution of data storage and retrieval.


For Tronitech, Inc., its document imaging products and services require highly structured processes of preparing, organizing, identifying and maintaining access to digital information. Since Tronitech’s services consist of regularly exchanging sensitive documents with enterprise customers, it must ensure that all transactions comply with numerous privacy laws. To meet these strict security requirements, the company’s IT department searched for an enterprise file sharing solution that could protect file transfers with the highest level of data security.

Tony Boyer, Manager of IT Services at Tronitech, explained, “A lot of the papers that we’re scanning contain personally identifiable information. We have to remain cognizant of what’s on the paper to be HIPAA and FDIC compliant. We need to make sure that our transfers back and forth with our customers are done in a secure manner.”

The company was also going through a cloud migration and needed to eliminate some hardware at its data center such as in-house FTP solutions. “We offer cloud-based solutions to our customers so we’re a firm believer in what the cloud can do. It helps eliminate equipment in our data center that we no longer have to worry about,” Boyer stated.


As Tronitech, Inc., sought to replace its in-house FTP servers, it began to research a number of cloud-based solutions. Tronitech required that the solution be able to secure all transactions with its customers and have the ability to track and audit all file transaction history.

Tony Boyer
Manager of IT Services
Tronitech, Inc.

Tronitech chose Thru’s File Exchange and Collaboration Platform, including Thru Web and Thru Dropbox™ products. With Thru, Tronitech now exchanges sensitive documents securely with its customers utilizing the following features:

  • Send and access files stored in Thru Cloud from any global location using any desktop or mobile device.
  • Set up instant notifications to know when and who has downloaded documents after transfer.
  • Easily receive files from customers using Thru Dropbox™.
  • Designate site administrators who can easily add new users, implement retention policies and view audit logs from a single portal.

Tronitech seamlessly switched to Thru from its internal FTP solutions without any complicated training for its support staff. When Tronitech did have questions during initial implementation, Thru’s Support team was always right there and ready to help.

Tony Boyer
Manager of IT Services
Tronitech, Inc.


Now that Tronitech uses Thru for file exchange and collaboration, the company is experiencing reduced annual hardware costs and has improved productivity and security for customer business transactions. A combination of Thru Web and Thru Dropbox™ helps Tronitech to easily access and exchange files quickly and efficiently around the globe.

Tony Boyer
Manager of IT Services
Tronitech, Inc.

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