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Data Privacy Day 2017 - Thru EFSS

January 28, 2017 is Data Privacy Day.

January 28th marks the worldwide observance of Data Privacy Day to promote awareness of privacy and data protection best practices. It also brings to light many new challenges global businesses face today when it comes to data privacy especially with ongoing daily news on invasion, cyber-attacks and many related topics.

To top it, with the latest news and uncertainty on Privacy Shield act, it’s obvious that this 6 month law may or may not be better at protecting data rights of EU. But businesses who have migrated to the cloud, can still stay compliant with privacy needs by taking advantage of an enterprise secure cloud solution, and stay unaffected by any changes to Privacy Shield policies.

Sensitive information and data should not be handled carelessly nor reside in freemium cloud services.

When choosing an enterprise cloud solution, solutions that offer a deployment flexibility of public, private or hybrid cloud can offer the best of both worlds. A hybrid deployment, offers the same functionality as an on-premise service but can be configured to exclusively save data for one jurisdiction or even within the secure walls of it’s own datacenter.

Luckily for our customers at Thru, this is already taken care of.

Thru’s flexible deployment options and built in data security features include:

  • Protection of company and client data with encryption and antivirus scanning
  • Allows for two-way authentication
  • Regulated file access, management and ownership
  • Compliance on HIPAA, GLBA and SOX
  • Scheduled file deletion using retention rules
  • Comprehensive audit reports on all file activities

And more. To learn more about Thru, please email us at info@thruinc.com or take a look at the security whitepaper if you are considering an EFSS solution for your business.

Data Privacy Day conversation continues tomorrow on Twitter with the hashtag #DPD. Join in.

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