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Are you using the Thru Plugin for Outlook to securely send email attachments? If so, you may have noticed that these attachments cannot be opened when you go to Outlook’s Sent Items folder. In today’s weekly tip, we will show you how you can quickly locate your attachments sent with Thru directly from the side panel feature of the Outlook Plugin (the side panel is available in Outlook 2013+):

  1. After you have the side panel opened in Outlook, locate the Outbox folder. This folder contains all file attachments you have sent with the Thru Plugin for Outlook and are each automatically organized by the date they were sent.
  2.  Outbox
    Outbox 3

  3. Once you know what day an email was sent with Thru, you can select the month and access that day’s folder. The “day” folder will contain folders with the email subject for every email that was sent out. For example:
  4.  Outbox 4

  5. When you have located the sent attachments, you can right-click any file and click Open or Save As to download a copy of the file and view its contents.
  6.  Outbox 5

The Outbox folder is also accessible from Thru Web, Thru Explorer, and Thru mobile apps.

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