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High Speed File Transfer | Secure File Sharing

We are excited to announce our new product, Thru OptiSPEED™, for enterprises to send and receive large files rapidly from anywhere in the world.

Typically, companies use standard internet for sending large files over long distances. Although this gets the job done most of the time, the reality is that these transfers are often very slow due to network congestion and inconsistent performance. Slow file transfers of critical data has a negative impact on the customer experience and productivity.

With OptiSPEED, your users can send and receive files up to 20X faster than standard internet due to OptiSPEED’s cloud-optimized routing.

How does OptiSPEED work?

Speed Up Slow File Transfer Speeds with Thru

Whenever a user uploads or downloads files from the Thru platform with OptiSPEED enabled, files are automatically sent by the fastest transfer route according to the user’s location. The technology works very similar to the way a GPS directs you to avoid heavily trafficked areas. When OptiSPEED is used for uploads and downloads, OptiSPEED scans the internet traffic in real time and sends files down the fastest possible route, drastically increasing travel speeds. Since OptiSPEED can be integrated with multiple applications, your company can use OptiSPEED to increase the speed of file transfers in applications like Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, SharePoint and more.

To watch a video webinar where you can see OptiSPEED in action, click here or download the datasheet.

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