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Architecture Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs

Architecture Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs

Thru’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables flexible deployment options to meet the unique needs of enterprises.

  • Leverage Thru Cloud to give employees global access to data from any device and benefit from infinite scalability and 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Deploy in Your Cloud to keep data on your own network and maintain control of physical servers
  • Choose Hybrid to sync specified data from Your Cloud to Thru Cloud servers and leverage the benefits of both
  • Various configurations: Single Server or VM Deployment, Multiple Server or VM Deployment

Multiple Endpoints and SaaS Applications

Thru’s system endpoints give enterprises a secure way to access and exchange information from multiple devices, applications and systems.

  • Endpoints include: ASP.NET/MVC (Web App), SOAP/REST Web services, User Interface Tools and FTP/SFTP
  • Thru offers out-of-the-box email and business add-ins for Outlook, IBM Notes, SharePoint and
  • Additional Thru applications include: Desktop Sync, Web App, Thru Dropbox™ and native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Authentication can be performed via SAML 2.0 or proprietary Identity Federation/SSO with Active Directory, Salesforce or other identity providers
Anytime, anywhere, on any device
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A closer look at Thru Administration - Audit interface
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Core Server and Thru Service Processes

Thru applications and integrated services communicate with the Thru core server (relational database, virtual file system) and utilize Thru Service Processes, which perform a variety of actions to files including:

  • Recording of all system actions, which are stored in the database and available for analysis with Thru data mining tools
  • Workflow/notifications alerts Thru users of different actions like file expiration, read notifications, deletions and more
  • Thru Content Delivery Network (CDN) can replicate Thru folders to other Thru servers for faster uploads and downloads
  • Thru File Exchange server can act as an integration point for other external servers such as ESBs (Dell Boomi, Mulesoft ESB, and others)
  • All files are routinely scanned for viruses and can fall under retention and purging rules to delete files after a period of time

API and Tools for Enterprise Level Integration

Thru’s continuously evolving API calls and developer tools enable application developers to enhance the scope and value of existing business applications with Thru features.

  • Over 130 API calls for Thru file transfer, auditing and retention, file management, collaboration and more
  • XML-based SOAP API supports data integrity and privacy plus offers heightened security features
  • REST API supports a wide variety of data formats for improved performance and scalability
  • Integrate Thru with CRMs, Help Desks, ECMs, ESBs and more
  • Reduce integration time with front-end integration tools: authentication, upload, download, email and audit
API and Tools for Enterprise Level Integration

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