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In December 2015, Forrester completed a study commissioned by Thru on the top threats to technology companies after observing a trend among many of our high tech customers that had come to us to solve their file sharing challenges. With the help of Thru they were able to resolve their file sharing issues, but what about the rest of the high tech companies out there? This question prompted us to contact Forrester.

The study reveals “the bulk of software build, patch and troubleshooting within technology and electronics companies is facilitated via email attachments and ungoverned file sharing tools.”

Forrester surveyed 100 CIOs, IT heads, heads of engineering and support desks in technology and electronics companies in the US, UK and Germany. German publications in particular have provided widespread coverage. Here are a few German tech articles that featured the Forrester study:

  • http://www.saasmagazin.de/saasondemandmarkt/studien/thru170616.html
  • http://www.itbusiness.ch/news/studien-reports/item/1276-gefahren-von-filesharing.html
  • https://it-security.hamster.ch/studie-enthuellt-gefahren-von-filesharing
  • http://www.win-verlag.de/filesharing-studie-wie-sicher-ist-geistiges-eigentum
  • http://www.digitalbusiness-cloud.de/filesharing-studie-wie-sicher-ist-geistiges-eigentum#comment-1079
  • http://www.channelpartner.de/a/unternehmen-schludern-beim-datenaustausch,3048067
  • Such a strong response by the German tech industry indicates that many of these companies are sensitive to data security threats. The study verifies that the file sharing challenges we observed in our high tech customers is trending globally; the coverage shows that the press is also aware of this prevailing issue – and it matters to everyone.

    To download a free copy of the Forrester study, go here. You can also watch a video webinar featuring Principal Analyst at Forrester, Cheryl McKinnon, here. She discusses the study and offers recommendations for protecting critical IP.

    Please feel free to post your comments below and share your thoughts on the Forrester study!

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