Thru, Inc.
File Exchange and Collaboration Platform

Guarantee successful deliveries

As business grows across global regions, so does the need for reliable global file exchange. Quickly access and send data from any geographic region using Thru’s Global Content Delivery Network.

Guarantee Successful Deliveries
Securely share files

Securely share files of any size and type to any global location with antivirus scanning and encryption of every file

Mirror files

Mirror files to selected data centers for rapid downloads anywhere around the world

geo-steering technology

Enable minimal latency by geo-steering technology that connects users to the nearest global data center

Enhance business applications

Integrate existing applications with Thru’s Web services API to increase the speed and availability of large file transfer transactions across existing systems.

Enhance Business Applications
Enhance the speed and reliability of file exchanges

Enhance the speed and reliability of file exchanges by integrating with multiple applications

integrating fast file transfers into systems

Increase customer service satisfaction by integrating fast file transfers into systems such as Help Desks

fast global uploads

Improve file retrieval from customer-facing Web sites by adding fast global uploads of any size

Simplify project collaboration

Whether you have business teams in Hong Kong or Chicago, simplify project collaboration no matter where you are.

Simplify Project Collaboration
Sync files quickly from the cloud

Sync shared folders across the globe to upload, download and access project documents fast

iOS, Android, Windows and Web browser

Share files from mobile devices with native apps for iOS and Android and with Web application access from Windows tablets

Offload file exchange

Offload file exchange to Thru’s platform and provide a single platform to securely share project folders with global partners and customers

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