November 30, 2016, by
Posted in High Speed File Transfer


In our last post, Thru’s V.P. Operations, Kevin Westenkirchner, announced Thru OptiSPEED™, an exciting new product that drastically improves file transfer speeds. With OptiSPEED, your company can send and receive files up to 20X faster than with standard internet via “cloud-optimized routing.” To show you how fast OptiSPEED delivers, we put together a video that shows a race between OptiSPEED and standard internet.

In the video, we set up three destinations to send a 100MB file from the U.S. West Coast using OptiSPEED and simultaneously sent the same file using standard internet. Watch the race below!

To learn more about Thru OptiSPEED, use the button below to download the datasheet.

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