Guaranteed File Delivery: Essential for Business Continuity

An essential feature of Thru we frequently highlight is “guaranteed file delivery.” We define guaranteed delivery as Thru’s ability to automatically detect and retry failed file transfers until delivery is successful. The following components of Thru enable this functionality:

1. Persistent Storage

Thru is built on a cloud file system with persistent storage that enables files to be stored until successfully delivered with zero data loss. Retention policies can be defined to delete stored files after a set time period.

2. Durable Workflows

The logic of Thru file exchange workflows is durable during file transfer retries so the system always knows where and when files should be delivered after errors are fixed.

3. Checkpoint Restart

Thru provides checkpoint restart for all file transfer protocols in the system so failed transfers always resume from where they left off until successful delivery.

A Quick Demonstration

Below is an example of a file exchange workflow in Thru where an enterprise continuously pulls files from a partner’s SFTP server and Amazon S3 bucket > integrates with Boomi to process data > and returns files back to the SFTP and S3 locations after processing.

Figure 1 – File exchange workflow in Thru integrated with Boomi

Boomi File Transfer Integration (SFTP, Amazon S3)

If any one of the endpoints goes offline due to a broken connection, Thru alerts the enterprise and partner of the issue and the system automatically retries the delivery of files once the connection is fixed.

Both the enterprise and partner admins can easily monitor and report the status of failed file transfers from the alerts dashboard. The image below shows a series of recovered file transfers to the SFTP server endpoint after source connection errors.

Figure 2 – Alerts dashboard in Thru showing the status of errors

Guaranteed Delivery - Thru Alerts Dashboard

Guaranteeing the delivery of files across the extended enterprise is vital to minimize disruptions to critical business processes. Failure to quickly detect and fix file transfer errors can lead to negative business impacts such as SLA liabilities and costs. To learn more about Thru’s MFT solution, click below to read the Thru MFT Functionality Datasheet.


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