Thru, Inc.
File Exchange and Collaboration Platform

Your innovation could be at risk. If your engineering teams are still using email and FTP for exchanging software code and data between developers, partners and customers, it’s time to change that.

Mitigate the risk and keep it simple with Thru. Thru offers an easy way to collaborate and troubleshoot for engineers. The Thru Add-In for Microsoft Outlook with a fully functional side panel offers an easy and secure way for your developers, partners or customers to collaborate on projects via email so they can easily gain access to the data or large software files and share.

With Thru You Can

Bring Your Developer Collaboration Portal Up to Speed

Software companies collaborating with external developers can depend on the Thru platform to handle today’s extreme collaboration loads with speed. With Thru’s API, you can plug-in Thru’s file sharing capability at the backend of your existing developer collaboration portal and make it easy for your teams and external partners.

File Sharing for Engineers high speed cloud secure solution 1-1

Equip your global software development teams with a high-speed cloud-based secure file sharing solution

File Sharing for Engineers Customize the solution1-2

Customize the solution to fit your specific engineering project team workflows and processes

File Sharing for Engineers 100 uptime 1-3

100% uptime with no expensive in-house support or development

Collaborate in One Place & Ship Your Products Faster

Manage access to everything your team needs — meeting notes, product requirements, knowledge base articles, builds — on the cloud, so everyone can contribute no matter what device. With Thru, you can efficiently manage your developer community to build new products or troubleshoot bugs — all in one place.

File Sharing for Engineers centrailized collaborate 2-1

Give every team, project or department a centralized site to store work, exchange and collaborate — with no file or folder size limit

File Sharing for Engineers save on costs electronically worldwide 2-2

Save on physical media and shipping costs by sending software electronically worldwide

File Sharing for Engineers speed up product development 2-3

Speed up your product development and get your products to market faster

Troubleshoot and Track Bug Documentation Effectively

Get away from delivering builds and patches via email and FTP sites and instead choose Electronic Software Delivery via Thru integrated with your Case or CRM systems.

File Sharing for Engineers track in CMS 3-1

Keep a track of all your software patches and troubleshooting within your case management systems

File Sharing for Engineers deliver large files in CMS 3-2

Deliver large builds and log these transactions effectively within your CRM systems

File Sharing for Engineers integrate file sharing 3-3

Integrate Thru file sharing into your proprietary troubleshooting or bug management applications

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