Thru, Inc.
File Exchange and Collaboration Platform

The Only Provider Offering CCP and MFT in One Tightly Integrated Platform

Thru is an online file sharing and exchange software for business users. It not only offers enterprise-grade security and reliability at the core but also offers easy-to-use interface and deep integration into a variety of business applications. The Thru Platform acts as an integration point with other external platforms, such as ESB/iPaaS, CRM, ERP, CSM and others.


With access via Web, mobile apps for iOS and Android, Thru Desktop Sync and Thru Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce, Thru gives your organization 360-degree, unified access and ability to sync, share and exchange files from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Collaborate in real time by connecting all departments and giving your employees a secure virtual office experience that government and financial organizations trust. Optimize file exchange, drastically cut MFT integration costs and simplify partner onboarding with Thru OptiPaaS™.

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Products and Add-ins

Technical Overview

Security and Audit at its Best

Protect your most sensitive files with features like encryption, antivirus scanning and role-based access controls. All events (e.g. deletes, uploads and downloads) are recorded in Thru Audit, which can be managed, analyzed and reported by IT administrators.

Thru's Audit interface screen

Scalable Architecture

Thru’s SOA architecture with loosely coupled components (multiple applications and endpoints, core server, service processes) enables organizations to meet unique business needs for integration, deployment and security.

Flexible Deployment Options

Thru offers solutions for enterprise file sharing and collaboration to help organizations exchange large files and content securely across the globe. Because of its flexible SOA architecture, Thru can be deployed the way you want: Thru Cloud, Your Cloud or Hybrid.

Thru deploys how you want to do business

High Speed File Transfer

Besides having global datacenters, Thru’s latest OptiSPEED™ technology leverages “cloud-optimized routing” which enables you to easily send and receive files up to 20X faster than with standard Internet and, as a result, increases user satisfaction and productivity phenomenally.

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