API Integration

APIs enable flexible orchestration and automation scenarios for efficiency

Manage MFT from your application

Thru provides a comprehensive API for configuration, management, monitoring and alerts. Most functions available through the web portal are also available with the REST API. The API makes Thru a programmable ‘headless’ MFT. It allows integration in a complex enterprise solution and complete orchestration by EiPaaS or other external software applications.


API calls can perform configuration of primary Thru entities, including customer instances, file flows, partner organizations, protocol endpoints and user accounts. Entities can be created, modified or deleted via API calls. Our API can also configure relationships between entities, e.g., subscribe organizations to file flows.


Our API allows control of instances, flows, organizations and endpoints. Each entity can be disabled or activated at any point at any time. File delivery management is also implemented. API calls can trigger retry of file delivery to EiPaaS flows or to organization endpoints; they can also delete specific files if required.

Monitor Activity

With monitoring APIs, file transfer and other activities can be retrieved and passed to external applications to increase visibility. For example, file transfer information can be incorporated in a higher-level dashboard for a ‘single pane of glass’ dashboard view.


Our API implements search and retrieval of various alerts recorded in Thru according to different criteria. These criteria could be severity, status, type, flow, organization, endpoint or date range. This API enables external security information and event management systems (SIEM) to retrieve Thru’s alert data and incorporate it into integrated monitoring dashboards.

Build Connectors

Our API enables connector development to implement file-based data exchange with third-party proprietary software. This development results in connectors that are similar to our certified EiPaaS connectors.

Questions about Thru and Managed File Transfer?

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