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Boomi simplifies B2B integrations –
We simplify file transfers

Thru has partnered with Boomi to integrate file exchange capabilities into Boomi processes. With our MFT Connector for Boomi available in AtomSphere, this end-to-end solution helps enterprises regain control of file transfers – dramatically shortening cross-vendor integration times and providing granular visibility into file exchanges company-wide.

Thru partners with Boomi

Thru MFT Connector for Boomi consolidates system-to-system file exchange on our platform where file transfers can be easily scheduled, secured, tracked and controlled. Developers can instantly add Thru MFT workflows to Boomi processes using simple “get” and “push” operations. Thru enables the safe exchange of critical business files, reduces compliance risk and increases operational efficiency. No coding or scripting required!

Partners Push and Pull Files from Enterprise Apps with Boomi Integration

Business agility depends on a company’s ability to accommodate change. This includes signing on new trading partners and responding to internal lines of business needs. Our partner self-service dramatically decreases onboarding time from days or weeks to minutes, thereby enabling lines of business to quickly connect with suppliers, business partners and customers and expediting revenue impacting decisions. With our MFT Connector, companies can rapidly make file transfer pivots in their Boomi processes.

Automate Onboarding with Thru Managed File Transfer Connector for Boomi

Our cloud-native enterprise-grade platform is highly available, instantly scalable, load balanced, built with resilience and session persistence and capable of meeting the most stringent requirements. Our fault tolerant file transfer platform with auto resume and recovery stores files until successful delivery. Alerts and reporting provide real-time visibility of all transfers. Our MFT connector is ideal for critical Boomi processes that demand the highest level of uptime.

Boomi partners with Thru for critical data delivery

Why Choose Thru

Loosely Coupled

Make endpoint changes in Thru without interrupting processes in Boomi — allowing for fast, agile updates


Meet compliance requirements for endpoints via encryption, antivirus scanning and routine system penetration testing

Track and report all actions

Track all files transferred with Thru MFT Connector for Boomi and view in end-to-end dashboards


Boomi process participants are alerted when errors occur and when issues have been resolved

Fault Tolerant

Boomi file transfers are automatically recovered when errors occur like unavailable or lost connections


24/7/365 customer support gives Boomi users immediate access to our support team to resolve issues

Experience simplicity.

Try Thru for free for 30 days.

Get connected.

Get MFT Connector in Boomi AtomSphere.

How do I get started?

Contact us for information.

Datasheet: Thru MFT Connector for Boomi

Datasheet: Thru MFT Connector for Boomi

Our MFT offering is the first and only cloud-native solution providing enterprise file exchange and delivers frictionless “plug and play” functionality to Boomi processes.

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