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IMAGINE: Easily design, build and integrate managed file transfers into Mule flows

Available now in Anypoint Exchange, the MuleSoft-certified managed file transfer (MFT) connector is a powerful enterprise integration tool to optimize file exchange for Mule flows.

Our MFT Connector for MuleSoft separates file transfers from Mule flows by utilizing our MFT solution set, a centralized system of record with audit reports, alerts and “retry” in the event of failed transfers. Our platform handles all file pickup, drop off and exception handling with no limit on file size or file type.

Separate File Transfers from Mule Flow Processing

Create file exchange flows quickly by simply dragging and dropping the Thru MFT microservice into Mule flows. The microservice connects Transports created in Thru to enable the file exchanges needed in the Mule flow. Developers do not need to write any code and do not need any partner endpoint details.

Quickly Set Up File Exchange Flows in Minutes

When developers add Thru MFT flows in their Mule flows, partners automatically get access once endpoints are configured in the self-service portal. File exchanges needed in business processes with hundreds of partners can be activated in minutes, not days.

Connect the Extended Enterprise Instantly

Why Choose Thru

Cut Development Costs

Self-service partner onboarding and out-of-the-box microservices drastically cut costs on development


One Mule flow with Thru managed file transfer can be used by any number of partners in the enterprise

Guaranteed Delivery

Reliable file exchange with checkpoint restart and “retry” in the event of network interruptions or Mule flow errors

Compliance with SLAs

99.99% up-time for our global data centers with routine network monitoring and penetration testing


24/7/365 customer support gives users immediate access to our support team to resolve issues


All file transfers with the Thru MFT Connector and in our product are secured with AES 256-bit encryption

Thru MFT Connector for MuleSoft unites the Anypoint Platform™ with the first scalable cloud-native MFT platform.

Imagine the possibilities!

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Datasheet: Thru MFT Connector for MuleSoft

Datasheet: Thru MFT Connector for MuleSoft

The Thru MFT Connector for MuleSoft revolutionizes enterprise file exchange by providing the first cloud-native MFT solution that delivers frictionless “plug and play” functionality to the MFT ecosystem for MuleSoft.

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