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Thru has been an innovator in managed file transfer and cloud technology since 2004. Working with large enterprises we frequently have to address special security, performance and scalability requirements. We have dealt with these challenges successfully, but when faced with the complex file sharing needs of the shipping industry we realized we needed to take our innovation to the next level. The result is Thru OptiBAND™, a real time solution to get the best out of your available bandwidth, particularly, but not limited to, high latency and intermittent satellite connections.

OptiBAND – Stay “Always On”, No Matter How Large the File Transfer

In our internet-based world, many companies struggle to send and receive files from remote locations. For example, in the cruise line industry, ships at sea must rely on expensive and high latency satellite connections shared between passengers and onboard staff, causing large file transfers to step on passenger internet surfing. Also, bad weather conditions often cause rain fade and outages, which result in a loss of productivity for these companies.

With Thru OptiBAND, companies can address slow connections speeds, reduce file delivery outages and improve collaboration between remote locations. OptiBAND’s local cache ensures your company is “always on” from any location, no matter how large the file transfer. If connection is interrupted due to outages, Thru’s checkpoint restart technology picks up the transfer where it left off once the connection is restored. Also, IT administrators can prioritize business critical file transfers above less important traffic with OptiBAND’s rule-based prioritization.

OptiBAND works behind the scenes. The ‘front end’ for the users is email! Hard to get simpler than that. The mail messages are sent as usual (from ships, remote locations, etc.) but the files are stripped and sent via OptiBAND which does two things: First is guaranteed delivery and checkpoint restart – it will keep trying from the point it stopped until the files go through. The second is limiting the speed of the transfer according to network quality.

One interesting requirement we received from customers was that OptiBAND should not saturate the network. They want our process to use a certain limit and leave the rest of the bandwidth for other uses. To solve this, OptiBAND detects changes in network responsiveness and adjusts the transmission speed in real time based on set limits. For example, a ship might start a transmission on a satellite connection and then switch to Wi-Fi. It will take OptiBAND 20 seconds to detect the change and start transmitting the files at much higher speed.

Lastly, when a user is configured they are immediately synced to the OptiBAND user routing list. And if users are coming from Active Directory, then good news – admins have nothing to do. Thru takes care of setting the users and syncing it to OptiBAND.

To learn more about Thru OptiBAND, download the datasheet below!

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