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We are excited to be showcasing Thru OptiBAND™ tomorrow [Feb 14] at Digital Ship’s Maritime CIO Forum in Limassol, Cyprus. The event will focus on The Future of iShipping with sessions to help maritime executives address and harness the opportunities/challenges/questions posed by advances in technology.

The slow speeds of satellite or other low bandwidth connections used on merchant vessels is problematic for sending large files to/from vessels and shore locations. With Thru OptiBAND™, easily resolve these issues and get the most of your satellite or slow connections at sea. Features like adaptive real-time bandwidth management, data compression, local caching and checkpoint restart enable you to address slow connection speeds, reduce outages and reduce expensive bandwidth needs.

“We created OptiBAND to solve the unique problems we saw in the maritime industry (e.g. Merchant Ships, Cruise Liners) where large file transfers by crew to/from ships/shore often guzzle the limited internet bandwidth, interfering with the passenger browsing experience. Additionally, poor connections at sea often break file transfers and result in multiple retries and delays. OptiBAND allows your crew members to send files of any size with minimum bandwidth and guarantees delivery to any remote location,” says Ran Alsheikh, Chief Architect at Thru.

If you are attending Digital Ship’s Maritime CIO Forum tomorrow in Limassol, stop by the Thru booth to hear more about OptiBAND from Ian Snead, Executive VP Sales and Marketing at Thru.

Ian Snead: Executive VP, Sales & Marketing at Thru

Ian Snead, Executive VP Sales and Marketing at Thru

To learn more about OptiBAND before the event, download the datasheet.

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