Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) Product Overview

Thru’s cloud-based file transfer solution secures transfers between users, customers, partners and businesses. End-to-end protection ensures sensitive, critical data stays protected. Tracking, monitoring and retention rules allow auditability to help meet compliance regulations and governance. APIs and pre-built connectors provide seamless integration of file transfers to integration platforms (iPaaS), applications or endpoints.

illustration representing Thru's managed file transfer (mft) as multiple layers consisting of cloud, automation, integration and info security

How Thru’s Managed File Transfer Works for Your Business

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Enjoy benefits of file transfers in the cloud

Hand off deployment, maintenance, scaling and more to Thru’s award-winning team of managed file transfer experts.

Cloud MFT »

Work efficiently by automating file transfers

Condense hundreds of time-consuming point-to-point connections into a few reusable Thru workflows. Onboard partners in mere minutes.

MFT Automation »
image representing automation of file transfers with file transfer resume, scheduling and processing

illustration of person with integration screen having choice of web services, siem, crm, ipaas, cloud storage, secure protocols and mft agents

Connect file transfers with other systems

Add guaranteed delivery and persistence to file transfers in your integration platform. Use our API to automatically configure Thru entities or streamline monitoring.

Integrate MFT »

Protect data with state-of-the-art security

Security measures are built into every layer of Thru, including antivirus scanning, encryption in transit and at rest and a full audit trail.

Secure File Transfer »
image of secure file transfer with identity management, data centers, data security, and data management governance

MFT for Automating File Transfers

See how Thru replaces multiple brittle point-to-point connections with workflow subscriptions, making it more flexible than traditional managed file transfer solutions.

Creating Solutions for Managed File Transfer Use Cases

Thru has been solving managed file transfer challenges for more than 20 years. Most file transfer needs are solved by one of these solutions:

Secure Document Exchange »

Secure document exchange with Thru provides confidentiality and accountability that sending files via other means does not achieve.

Cloud Partner File Exchange »

A manufacturing company easily creates and manages its business-critical file transfers with its external partners.

Remote Agents for MFT »

By using Thru Nodes for file transfers from POS to corporate, a franchise successfully meets its security and ease of use requirements.

Ad Hoc File Sharing »

Corporate personnel easily email large files and have additional benefits that were not available with the previous file sharing solution.

Electronic Software Distribution »

Technology provider securely delivers and tracks software to internal users and supply chain providers using Thru’s Salesforce connector.

Replace Legacy MFT »

By switching to cloud-based Thru, a large retailer can easily auto-scale to modernize file transfer automation across its global organization.

Managed File Transfer for iPaaS »

An oil and gas company transfers files using Thru’s connector that natively integrates with MuleSoft and complements its capabilities.

High Speed File Transfer »

With Thru’s file transfer acceleration and mirroring technologies, a large manufacturer sends, uploads and downloads content faster from anywhere.

What Users Say about Thru’s MFT Solutions

G2 Reviews of our managed file transfer solutions »


“Easy to provision with just a click of a button. Great customer support.”

in Warehousing

“Pure and straightforward SaaS solution.”

Rok S.
IT Manager

“Learning curve is very soft. No issues regarding both setup and service availability.”

Pedro D.
Business Unit Senior Manager
Middleware and API Management


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