File Sharing

Share files with people securely and easily

Thru manages user-centric file transfers by provisioning user access to the cloud via multiple integration points with productivity applications. Users can share files through web portals, email add-ins or CRM connectors. Manual file transfer facilities in web or Office applications provide an easy means for ad hoc file exchange and distribution. There are no limitations on file size or type. All sender and recipient activity is tracked and available for data analysis in a dashboard.

Diagram: User-Centric File Sharing

Ease of Use

Users can easily upload files by dragging and dropping them in their browsers or Microsoft Outlook. Deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 APIs allows users to attach and send files—and even folders—while working in Outlook. Our integration does not change familiar email workflows. Our Salesforce integration allows distribution of file attachments in familiar email forms.

Monitoring & Security

Our Microsoft and Salesforce integrations provide additional security layers and monitoring capabilities. Administrators can control user access and permissions. Data on the recipient side is protected with authentication and a secure message capability. Users are notified on file delivery events and activities can be recorded in their CRM.

Comprehensive Auditing

Thru collects all file and folder sharing activities into a stream for reporting and auditing. The activity stream includes date/time and operations performed on the data.

Share Files with Anyone with Thru Dropbox™

Anyone without a Thru account can securely send you files with Thru Dropbox™. Add your Thru Dropbox™ link to your email signature or company website. Use the encrypted message area to protect confidential information. A customizable web portal and confidentiality statement increase brand consistency and minimize liability.

Reduce Risk with Thru Desktop Sync

Use Thru Desktop Sync for Windows to edit files on your laptop and sync the edits in Thru—and vice versa. Customize user permissions to allow no sync, one-way sync, limited sync or full two-way sync in each folder. Increase visibility for administrators with our detailed auditing and conflict handling information.

Customer Success Story


HKS, Inc., a global architecture firm, was originally using FTP to send large file-size architectural plans among employees and to clients and contractors. FTP lacked the monitoring, security and internal controls they needed. Files were often lost, deleted or accessed improperly from the FTP servers.


After testing Thru for 100 project team members, HKS achieved return on investment so quickly that they soon replaced all FTP servers with an enterprise-wide deployment. Now over 1,500 users share files over Outlook with no concerns about security or delivery.


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