Internal System-to-System File Transfer

Automate file transfers between systems on an enterprise network

Illustration of system to system file transfer

Enterprise applications are frequently deployed on different servers on the corporate network. To import file-based data, applications scan pre-configured locations on the file servers or external file shares. Applications frequently export file-based data to file shares for consumption by other applications on the same network. In a different scenario, application updates require executables or configuration files to be copied between multiple servers on the corporate network. The data flows above require a managed and auditable way to copy files between multiple source and target folders inside the corporate network.

Thru Orchestration

Thru is a cloud-native service which manages file transfer inside enterprise networks based on a distributed hybrid architecture. To transfer the files between the internal systems, a Thru Node is deployed on the enterprise network. This node is a runtime which can execute required MFT flows between the servers inside the corporate network. The node is configured via a Thru web portal and orchestrated by our cloud. The node retrieves configurations and software updates from our cloud and reports completed actions and exceptions via an outbound HTTPS connection to our APIs.

Diagram: Internal File Transfers with Thru Node

Diagram of Managed File Transfer (MFT) in system to system use case


For internal transfer use cases, file data never leaves the enterprise network. Only reporting data is stored in the cloud.


General automation features available in Thru are also supported by the Thru Node for internal transfers, including

  • file compression
  • PGP encryption
  • renaming
  • routing to certain folders

Autoscaling & High Availability

Multiple instances of the Thru Node microservices are launched on transfer requests and executed concurrently across multiple resources on the enterprise network to transfer data. The node can be configured with high availability: If a failure in dispatch or transfer microservice is detected, a new instance of microservice is started.

Manufacturer Simplifies File Transfers with Thru Nodes


A manufacturer has a network of several hundred wholesalers who are the backbone of the supply chain. The supply chain requires a regular data flow from wholesalers to the company about inventory levels, orders and other data points that impact sales by location. The wholesalers have relatively low IT infrastructure and few technical resources to manage systems required to transfer this business-critical data.


The manufacturer decided to invest in Thru for bi-directional file exchange with its wholesalers. Each wholesaler installed a lightweight node to transfer files with the manufacturer. We eliminated the manufacturer’s need to maintain code and infrastructure, improving its productivity.


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