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Secure BYOD with Thru

Thru, Inc can empower your mobile workforce and secure your organization with an enterprise-grade solution for sharing information and increasing productivity. Put a secure BYOD policy in place with the help of mobile apps by Thru – and alleviate the pressures of controlling data flow outside the organization and increase mobility for improved productivity.


Stay responsible for how information is distributed in your organization and securing its data – no matter what device your users are using – with necessary features including full IT control and visibility, auditing, remote wipe, device encryption, policy enforcement and more. Thru provides apps for all mobile devices and supports these features to equip businesses with the best enterprise-grade file sharing solution.

With Thru Mobile You Can

Use Thru on iOS

Extend the functionality of Thru Enterprise File Sync and Sharing to the iPhone and iPad.

Thru mobile file sharing for iPhone and iPad
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Open and view common file types

Open common file types and view with the native iOS viewer or with third party applications

SEcurely send private messages

Send files or folders of any size or file type using secure links

Remote wipe security

Protect corporate data with remote wipe security

Streamline file navigation

Streamline file navigation by marking “Favorite” folders

Expire access to files

Immediately expire access to files that have been previously sent

Provide tracking information for file sharing

Provide tracking information for files sent using Thru

Use Thru on Android

Access enterprise content securely and instantly on Android smartphones and tablets.

Thru Mobile file sharing app for Android tablet and phone
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View files from any location

View corporate files from any location

Upload and download content securely

Upload and download content securely from Thru folders with no file size limit

Automatically save a new version

Open files in third party applications and automatically save a new version to Thru

Send files or folders of any size or file type

Send files or folders of any size or file type, including pictures and videos

Encryption and private messaging

Secure highly sensitive data with encryption and private messaging

Enable or disable user access

Enable or disable user access based on device MAC address

Use Thru Web Mobile Access on Any Device

Quickly access your content from any device and browser with Thru Web mobile access.

Secure mobile file sharing
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Work from Windows, Blackberry or any platform

Work from Windows, Blackberry and any other platform that doesn’t have a Thru native app

Analyze and process detailed audit logs of transactions

Send, manage and organize enterprise content from anywhere

Manage access and authentication

Choose to receive notifications when recipients download files

Securely receive files

Securely receive files from external users by directing them to Thru Dropbox™

Block user access

Administrators can block user access in the event of lost or stolen devices

Control access to enterprise content and files

Control access to enterprise content by choosing a download expiration date for every sent message

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