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Modern integration solutions’ complexity increases with multiple internal and external participants; growing file data exchange volume; and required integrations and processing. Any lost files result in business process disruption, violated SLAs and wasted hours of troubleshooting. Thru provides near real-time logging, monitoring, audit and alert capabilities through dashboards and notifications. Monitoring is also available via APIs.


File Activity

The file activity dashboard provides a single pane of glass for internal and external file exchange scenarios. Each file transfer managed by Thru is recorded in the tracking database and presented in the dashboards. Search tools in the dashboards allow access to historical data filtered by flows, organizations or endpoints.

General Activity

All configuration changes (including creation, editing and deletion of all entities such as flows, organizations and endpoints) are recorded and presented in the general activity dashboard. It also shows subscriptions to flows and success and failure for user authentications.


Abnormal conditions in file transfer are recorded in our alert system—including delivery failures due to network errors, incorrect credentials or disabled endpoints. In addition, administrators can configure alerts on ‘inactivity’ when files do not arrive on expected schedules. Thru makes multiple attempts to resolve alert conditions. The alerts dashboard shows records for alerts in different states: Pending, Recovered or Ignored. Once the issue is resolved, the alert is automatically switched from Pending to Recovered state.


If there are issues, Thru can notify administrators in customizable email or text messages. Once the notification is received, an administrator can investigate from within the alerts and file activity dashboards to find the root cause.

Monitor Thru with Your Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM)

Thru’s monitoring information is available via the control API, which allows search and retrieval of alerts according to different criteria. These criteria could include severity, status, type, flow, organization, endpoint or date range. This API enables external SIEM systems to retrieve alert data and incorporate it into an integrated monitoring dashboard.

Guaranteed Delivery

Trust that your files will be stored until delivery—no matter what protocol or API is used. Thru can act as a client or server for maximum flexibility. If files cannot be delivered the first time because the target endpoint or a network is down, Thru retries several times until it succeeds. If it is not successful, alerts are sent to administrators and displayed in the dashboard. To guarantee zero data loss, data is stored in encrypted Thru cloud file storage until delivery or deletion. If your system fails, our checkpoint restart capability for all protocols and APIs ensures that files will resume transfer from a certain data point.

Questions about Thru and Managed File Transfer?

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