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Unexpire Sent Files in Thru Web Application

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the user experience for Thru, we are pleased to announce a new feature for the Thru web app (release ver 9.3.3) which will now allow users to extend the expiration date for expired files.

When sending files with Thru, users have the option to pick an expiration date that limits access to files after the date. With the new “extend expiration” feature, this date can be further extended easily even after the date has expired.

This ability to extend the expiration date on files eliminates the need for users to re-send files to recipients who no longer have access. So, whether the file was sent from the web app, mobile or email plugin – users can now simply login to the web app and extend the expiration date of the files.

Thru Web User Guide

For more information on how to use the Thru Web application, visit the Thru User Guide.

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